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Steven Job

Why is DNS so important?

The Domain Name System, or DNS to the cool kids, is one of the most important AND over-looked parts of the Internet. It is a fact, that without DNS the Internet as we know it would collapse!

The computers that make up the Internet are set up in large networks that are identified and communicate using strings of numbers known as IP addresses. Since people lack the mental capacity to sort through and retain hundreds of numerical series, DNS is used to translate an actual name into these numbers.

WIthout DNS, we would all be licking stamps to pay our bills, driving to an actual store to purchase something, reading the newspaper to see what movies are showing, and buying little round pieces of plastic called CDs to get music.

DNS was designed to work extremely fast and efficiently. It is an integral piece of the Internet. Once you understand how it works, you can clearly see the many different facets and organizations that are responsible for keeping DNS functional. If anyone were to dramatically change or filter any part of the DNS process, it could be disastrous.